Part of our division deals with a wide range of veterinarian surgical equipment.

We are a UK distributor for precision ‘Single Use’ surgical instrumentation products. With specific ranges for:

  • Ophthalmic
  • Small & large animal Veterinary specific
  • SUI (Single Use Instrumentation)
  • SNC (Syringes, Needles & Cannula)

We provide specialist instrumentation for small & large animals- Canine, Feline, Equine & Bovine to assist with surgical professionals across most disciples of the veterinary sector.

We also provide repacked and bespoke Procedure Packs to suit all needs.

We stock many 3rd party suppliers of quality instrumentation such as: Becton, Dickinson U.K. Limited (Syringes & Needles) & TSK (Needles)

If you have any queries or would like to discuss product lists and pricing, please call 01332 321 819 our team would be more than happy to help!